Spirituality in Anger

For then recent while I have learnt to look at the situation or the moment with a detached empathy for every problem involved.

This sounds like I’ve gone completely hippy so let’s back up….
Coming from a fairly religious background, Hanukkah, Chanukah and all the Ka’s, I have replaced this somewhat banal idea of a god with a fairly contained spirituality. I have always looked at things in a fairly different way but it is this difference that has allowed me to learn and develop what I truly believe. It is not to say religion is wrong – as I feel that (like everything) has a place in certain people who choose to believe..

At this point I should point out that I like all of us are ever changing and developing in every moment…

The recent shift that has sparked this blog post has come from 3 things, (because we all like a good list)

1.) Buddhism – I have found strength in Buddhism, not following it as a devout learner but as one that enjoys the idea. We all have heard someone vaguely casting their assertion as it being a “nice” religion but what one does not appreciate is the vast sentimentality and interestingness in pure self reflection that Buddhism teaches.

2. Design – For those who are not aware I am a huge design freak, very rarely buying a physical mundane object without studying and looking at it very closely. I feel there is a beauty in the care and craft that goes into making a product, something which companies fail to show, apart from one. Johnny Ive has always been a big inspiration, not just because of his design but also because he is a fellow dyslexic that made it. The spirituality is therefore is in what you make and create, and I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist.

Sheer simplicity is much more than the absence of clutter and ornamentation

3. Resentment – Anger has shifted me. There was a time when for example a few weeks ago I would progress into a problem with pure hate and virility. However now I am learning to accept and understand each problem. This could be an entire new blog but the recent understanding of class and how every government decision has only benefited a social uprising or downfall depending on your level of elitism has spurred me to think more about love, not hate .

Politics needs to be the admin of certain spiritual principles

Having always had a certain spiritual look at things, you logic nerds out there may ask if I believe at the idea of the “entity” and yes I do. Although this freaks some out who have some education in spiritualism but I believe that we are all at one and that the ultimate truth can only been seen as one. Although believing my own uniqueness and everyone’s beauty I however feel this is transient, and we should cast aside negative human traits such as greed and focus on the base human personality found only when someone meditates or is free in some way.

This will happen, there are certain an things that we are not aware of, higher powers amongst the atoms. Change is happening that is seeing radar it’s groups get power, the wealthy to prosper while the poor suffer and for the greed of one country fuel the pain and violence in another. A revolution is coming. And I hope it transcends from something that fuels the 5 basic apertures into the physical world.

1. Touch
2. Taste
3. Smell
4. Hear
5. Visualise

All of the above is something I truly believe in however..

Something I also believe is the beauty of the moment…

Time, I think, has already been achieved, time is infinite. And so with an awakening one can look at the moment as a fixed point and everything that spans from it can be considered as vibrant and beautiful as long as you work and perfect that single moment .


Awakening takes time, time is infinite and so I will use this to my advantage by allowing spirituality into everything in my life bit by bit until I feel truly at one. We all have moments of hate, passion, longing but by being at one and looking at things differently and understanding that everyone is unique and beautiful, we can overcome this apathy.

20131124-114732 pm.jpg


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