The Necessity for Suffering

No act regardless of its worth or achievement is done so without selfishness nor the potential for gaining either self worth or (if you swing that way) life after death.

Now we are on paragraph 2 I will mention that I will leave this post short as my opinions should not delve into the facts.

Recently there has been a consistent look at the homeless in my mind and that of my peers. Several Acquaintances have secured a slice of want by giving or purchasing a assimilation of a homeless person something. These nomads have gained money or food; and the givers have gained the mere possibility of respect and self worth.

Religion plays a monumental part in ambition and the drive of a human. Because Jesus is always with you, you can never be selfless. And heaven? Lets focus on the moment and not on what may happen after death. Christian charities have been set up not because they are told to “love they neighbour” and also “heaven comes also to those ordained only to be of worth. Saving people is not in the interest of someone without a home or food, they want love – nothing else.

If an act has been signed sealed and delivered; regardless of if you have blogged or tweeted or told anyone. You are selfish.

The potential for suffering is gained from the need to feel personable. You have to perceive something as invalid In order to feel valid.

Schadenfreude. The Germans have got it right. The phrase literally means that you feel happy from someone else’s mis-achievement or dis-fortune. Ever laughed at someone that missed the elevator? Or felt good because you were smug in the warm while watching those in the rain? – the principle stands.

I am not suggesting for one second that we do not help our fellow man, because not to do so would neglect any potential for have as a species to love, care and be thankful. But, all actions need to be selfless regardless of their gain for either party, and any winning should be as a result and not planned.

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