Your Parents Are Lying to You


Yep, you read that right!

Parents have lied to their children since the beginning of time, maybe to get the nippers to be quiet or just to persuade, bargain or to keep them safe from harms-way.

Firstly. Money. Every parents has lied to their children about money, and you know who you are! Money is going to encapsulate the little sod’s life very soon and he/she will never stop worrying about it – so why get them involved to soon? Pocket money is a huge biggy, whereas (a habit that still hasn’t changed) one would spend all of his pocket money within a minute of getting it (40p yeah! – does that mean I’m impoverished?!) Everyone would then see something they desperately wanted, and as is tradition, tried to persuade their parents into allowing some of next months pocket money into this month to purchase the item you so favourably want. My darling mother then LIED! – exclaiming that “when your older you cant just buy stuff when you don’t have the money” and of course when going to University ten years later the lie would be dramatically uncovered, when I had to get a “loan” – which is money you don’t have and will probably never pay back.

So now we are on paragraph 3 lets talk about make believe. Now I don’t want to shatter anyones dreams here, so if you are still of the persuasion that a fairy and a weird willy-wonka style old man leaves gifts for children you may want to stop here and look at another blog. Or just stare at the picture below before moving onto the concluding paragraph:


The tooth fairy, teaches not only that you can sell your body for cash but also that you can get money without doing jack-shit. Now I don’t want to turn this into a shout at the benefit system… but Mr Cameron ain’t no tooth-fairy. This lie was not so dramatically un-covered when I noticed the hand-writing of the tooth fairy was the same as my mothers – coincidence?

Santa is just weird when you think about it! – Coming down children’s chimneys to leave them gifts? I don’t want to startle anyone but the next subject for operation yewtree will probably be the old “ho ho ho’ing” man. Parents feel bad and it is the subtle disposition of every parents in the land to decide when the time is right to just sod tradition and ask their children what they want for christmas – lie uncovered numero 2!

But parents should lie in some cases, or should they? Sex and Love are very important parts of a persons life but when is the right time to start telling kids that sex is not just a “special cuddle.” Im not suggesting that you show them diagrams I’m just pointing out that we live in such a sexual orientated marketing frenzy now anyway, surely its kinder to teaching kids earlier? Love also, people of the same sex are now rightly allowed to tie the knot – but when do you start telling children that love is for everyone between whatever appendage? – or do you simply wait until their 10th birthday and let them meet Derek and Susan and see which one they go to first?

Parents…. stop lying… or do lie… oh just work it out amongst yourselves.


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