“Hating women is not a thing. Stick it to the *Insert Gender Here*”

womanvsmanMaybe your a man, you probably haven’t had (according to you) the easiest ride in life, maybe you have real money issues, maybe your dad won’t buy you that stunning phone, maybe the love of your life dumped you for the football coach who is infinitely better looking, maybe your in real hate and despair. Your hobby, your car, your body are all worthless according to you and your left hemisphere.
You are a human walking man ape, and we don’t feel sorry for you, I am not sorry.
Before I continue I must admit, I am a man, and have been my whole life. I will never be able to look at the gender equality issue through women shaped glasses, and neither will a women. Just because they have the parts for the car does not make them mechanics, if you get my point. Therefore neither gender is more qualified to talk about sexism, it takes two to tango and sexism really is a two way street. We all have our part to play in seeing it and eliminating it. The fact I can view the oppression of women is in a way a testament to just how far we have moved on.
Most feminists don’t hate men, they want to (bad choice of words here) screw the system. Men are biologically and systematically more likely to succeed. When was the last time you saw a women car sales”man.?” The misandray is not genuine, it is not an all seeing eye, nor can you constantly look through it or you would never gain anything substantial nor can you build bridges from it. Feminism has always and will continue to be a social justice movement, its what we learn from it thats the important part.
Meninism is not a thing because it doesn’t need to be, I mean just saying it out-loud is difficult, go on I dare you.
Sexism exists, just like racism and homo-phobia. There is no longer a footing of equality, and the government is just making the step bigger, by reducing pay for women who have children, slashing benefits and other tax methods that women as a whole need the most. Yes sexism is still a big thing, and you thought we had moved on since 1950? The world and government are cracking down on women. And its shameful. Its un-fair and disgusting. But just because they have a 1980’s tribute government thing going on does not mean we have to join in. Besides the fact I don’t like ABBA. Knowing me, Knowing you, its the best YOU can do, challenge oppression!
Women’s male counter-parts will never understand what they go through, they cannot believe it exists because they have not been subject to sexism because they eat a Yorkie without guilt. Advertising as a collective is sexist, head and shoulders are head and shoulders above the rest claiming implicitly that using their shampoo gets you the girls, on the opposite side is women being told they are “worth it” leaving men saying “what about us?” Gender is not only used in the media as a stereotype to sell products, but it is exploited. Pamela Anderson did not get famous because she has the brain, you can’t watch a brain jumping up and down on a beach, similarly the Hoff’s superior intellect is not noticed. From a young age, we and our children are subjected to this world of separated things for men and women, where the media sends out the message that genders are extremely different, when at the be all and end all, we are all still just apes in trousers pretending to be clever.
Feminism aims to take the hatred and globalisation of mis-treated and mis-represented women. Just because its FEM-inism makes no difference, the world is not an equal or gender equalised state because words have and will always be sexualised. Fire-women are always having to conquer the battle between Fire-men, and the innuendo of “sliding down the pole” will always upset them. To deny that words themselves are based around the superiority of men is rubbish! The very basis of our language stems from gender implications, you can’t make feminism disappear simply by changing it to “humanism.”
WOMEN, CHALLENGE SEXISM. Please do this. As a man I see sexism every day, and whats annoying is that only about 1/10 times i see it challenged. Please screw the system, and challenge it. Do it in the most annoying way possible. Every time you hear someone using sexist language, including other women, CHALLENGE IT – you don’t have to be a prick about it, just challenge it. What they are doing is trying to question your legitimacy, your actions have consequences and by standing up for your fellow “sisters” you can make a difference to the people you meet and the people they meet.
Men are the issue that face women today and stand in their way, the females predecessor with an appendage defines who they are and what they are going to have to face to decide what where they get in life. Sean Connery was the successful one, Miss Money-Penny just wandered about the office.
The world has glaring in-equalities, look at  all the people you aspire to be. Business students I’m talking to you! I think we can all say Richard Branson would not have been very successful if he was Lucy Branson, at this point we question whether that is justified, because in reality there is no social structure that favours men, they are not clinically proven to be able to do a better job. Men do not work any harder than women, in-fact it’s the opposite, women have to work harder to get themselves recognised. According to Katherine Fenton – a US Politician, women are still payed an average of 90% a man makes.Women have kids, which according to sources say that this career break stops them earning more than their male partners, in high level jobs it is the commitment factor that is glaring, of course women are going to be more committed to the child thats come from them. BUT can we say this any longer? With the number of single-father families on the rise we cannot sit back and let the excuse of commitment be a factor in women getting less buck for their work!
Men then need sympathy, they were given a gender that requires more commitment, they need to conform to traditional methods of masculinity, except they don’t need the sympathy we offer, because objectively its better for them anyway. Life is not fair, its the first and only rule, but it does not have to be additionally unfair by creating oppression and in-justice. Men really are not that different from women – the women who are trying to carve a new equal space for themselves, just like the men did. Women do not hate men, but they hate man, and its infinite ability to belittle women. Equality will never truly exist, but we can have a stab at it.
Women are 55% of the world’s population, thats half the human race right there.
Respect them, your mums one.

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