Back Briefly.

I haven’t posted anything in a long time, because its actually been really nice. I am shocked, well, I don’t know what I feel that I seem to turn to writing in terms of “not happiness.” And as you can tell this post isn’t because of that, its probably, dear reader, because I feel nothing. […]

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The After Period

You are who you are. This changes, moves, develops, the world and experience changes you, you change you, your world falls apart and is put back together in incredible or shit ways that make up… you, your identity. I write this blog to dispell a myth, everyone think that coming out will be amazing, I […]

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My Biggest Fear

We all have different personalities. This is something you learn at an older age. It stands to reason that the way you choose to speak/act around your mother will be immediately different to the way you choose to speak/act to your lover/best friend. You are always acting, deny that or not, it is your ability […]

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Spirituality in Anger

For then recent while I have learnt to look at the situation or the moment with a detached empathy for every problem involved. This sounds like I’ve gone completely hippy so let’s back up…. Coming from a fairly religious background, Hanukkah, Chanukah and all the Ka’s, I have replaced this somewhat banal idea of a […]

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Reasons to date a Bi-Sexual

My last blog has showed you how I have come out to my friends, all of whom are wonderful and have taken it so well. But recently I have been feeling slightly lonely, and have decided to turn this into productivity. So to anyone out their reading here are the following reasons you should date […]

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Sex Baby lets talk about you and…. someone else…. don’t wanna lie, I hope I could get better. Also while we are here, PENETRATION – it had to be said at some points and we are all adults, if you sniggered…good you have a sense of humour! 2013, the land of gay marriage, civil partnerships, […]

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